January 31, 2008

What is Fashion?

People have told me I'm fashionable. And I've never really know what that meant so I looked it up.

Fashionable [fash-uh-nuh-buhl] - adjective
1. observant of or conforming to the fashion; stylish: a fashionable young woman.
2.of, characteristic of, used, or patronized by the world of fashion: a fashionable shop.
3.current; popular: a fashionable topic of conversation. –noun
4.a fashionable person.

And so I thought to myself. Do I really "conform" to fashion, or do I take into consideration the current trends and then build on them myself. I like to think the latter applies to me. I hope I don't always wear what is popular, I just see things that appeal to me and work from there. And so begins the fashion diaries of me, the UNFashionista (living - Warsaw, home - Chicago <3).

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