November 26, 2008

Back in .. Scarves

Well the excuse is bad, but I lost my password and came across a paper with it written down today while I was "cleaning" my excessivley messy room. Regardless though, I'm back and this time I plan on actually being consistent with posts. Sometimes they'll be short though because exams are coming up soon so .. stress.

Things have been going well. I seriously need some wardrobe re-mixing though. My outfits are getting boring and I wear the same few things all the time. So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and since my family is doing it on Saturday I'm going shopping! M and I are going to the mall after classes and hopefully Zara will have a lot to offer. I also need to get my mom's birthday present (late!) because I'm having trouble finding exactly what I wanted to get her. Then I'm going out for dinner our own Thanksgiving) with A. But back to the wardrobe issues at hand. I wear scarves all the time. In fact I have become known for all my awesome scarves. (Leopard, balenciaga-ish one, big white knit, teal/silver/aquamarine pashmina.. basically I have a ton of scarves).

BUT here's the catch. I want more :) So I will be scarf hunting tomorrow looking for some nice scarves. Also, I need new jeans. I bought some this summer while I was in the U.S. which was a bad idea considering it was at the end of our visit. (i.e. food consumption had been higher than normal) and so all of those jeans are too big. So new jeans are also on the list. I'm also out to find some new shirts/sweaters to inspire me to be more creative with outfit choices.

Drawback: I can't buy too much because I'm going to the U.S. for Christmas and so there will definitely be some serious shopping there :)

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