January 9, 2009


So today was quite good. I don't know if I've mentioned that we moved this summer and I'm still decorating. I ordered most of my new things from the U.S., but smaller decorative items and simple things I'm getting here. Today my mom took me to Ikea to pick up some bookshelves and accent pieces for my bathroom. There is a big, long, wall next to the bath that needed something along it because it looked really empty. So, I bought these awesome candle holders for in one corner and these natural plants for the other. The second piece was inspired by M's mom because she was really into interior design and had cotton on their dining table in a glass bowl. It was gorgeous and so I wanted to bring that natural element into my bathroom. Usually I don't like Ikea because I don't think the furniture is very good quality and it all looks the same, but these buys are really nice and provide a great element of style.

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