January 28, 2009

Paper on a Shelf

So, as I mentioned it a previous post or two, my family and I moved houses this summer. I am getting new furniture from the U.S. (which should be arriving in about a month) and so, I postponed unpacking.
It has gotten ridiculous though because now I have junk strewn about everywhere. It's beginning to impead the ability to walk to the bathroom and closet and it's really getting on my nerves. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not a neat freak, but this has gotten out of hand. I started unpacking boxes of books last weekend and got so far as to stack a shelf with magazines worth keeping; 25 Teen Vogue, 10 Elle, 4 Vogue, 1 Australian Vogue, 2 Harper's Bazaar and 1 InStyle.
Cleaning will continue into this weekend as well.


karr said...

you know... *looks nervous*
if u ever need someone to clear ur room...
hahah. :D im glad alex was here to make mine messy again so i cud have something to clean :D i even had the opportunity to vacum rofl :D
love it, cute picture!

k said...

clean* hahaha not clear

Becky said...

bahahha. remember last year when you came over xD "its not cleaning..just reorganizing"