February 7, 2009

No Title

Just realized I never put a picture up of one of my favorite Christmas presents. A scarf from Santa. ;) I absolutely love it. It looks brighter than it is for real because of the flash, and the colors are more muddled together and not as "vibrant".

The braces are coming off very soon, which I'm excited for although I've gotten used to them and everyone is used to me having them. Maybe I'll miss them for a day.. other than that I doubt it.

Apologies for the large-ness of the picture, photobucket is stupid..


Vintage Tea said...

Lovely scarf and cute blog

Please check out http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


KcMacMatter said...

you and your scarves. ;)

kaitlyn said...

that scarf looks so amazingly warm.

Molly Gray // Flavia M. said...

Your blog has amazing images.

Becky said...

thanks so much all of you :) im glad you find my blog worth reading :D (and like the pictures)


xs said...

i can tell the colors of that scarf are beautiful. good luck with your braces!