November 27, 2008

Very Katy Perry

She is amazing. Reasons why Katy Perry is amazing:

1.) Her music is so upbeat and cool (original..not remakes of old stuff) It cheers me up immediately and puts me in the mood to d.a.n.c.e. :) "Hot N Cold"

2.) She is a hugeeeee fashion icon. If you have not watched the EMA's .. watch! She had at least 6 different outfits!

She started of the awards show by coming out on a giant cherry chapstick "I Kissed a Girl" and progressed through a cute carnival "inspired" circus dress, a pink short jumpsuit with her name on it, a gorgeous rainbow gown and my favorite a sequined Obama mini-dress, finally ending the show in a hot/cold, yes/no, man/woman outfit.

But time for class now so. Off.

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