November 30, 2008

Happy [Late] Thanksgiving

Happy Late Thanksgiving! As everyone sat down to the biggest meal of the year to give thanks for all that they have, I was at the mall looking for Christmas presents and shopping for a few new wardrobe items.

Turns out M was sick so I ended up going alone, which could have been trouble since I always buy more when I'm alone. In the end I found some perfect presents for my family and also a dress, shirt, sweater and scarf for myself. I got all four at Zara (one of my favorite stores..obviously) and I also got the PERFECT winter accessory; Hand Warmers!

They were only 10 zloty at Flo and all they are are two gel shapes hearts in plastic that have metal tabs that pop and then the gel crystallizes and gets really warm. I decided they'd be perfect for me because I hate carrying gloves around (I always seem to lose them) and the hearts can just stay in my pockets all winter. (To reuse them all you have to do is boil them back to the gel state and then pop the tab again and they'll warm up) The ones in the picture are similar to the ones I bought, except mine don't have writing and one is pink, the other red. :)

Off to do English work..

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