December 15, 2008


So finals are tomorrow and all day Sunday and today I've been studying for Adv. Pre-calc. And now I'm onto studying for Gov. I'm tired as hell (which also explains the lack of fashion in this post), but mint tea = my studying life saver. It helps me de-stress, which is greatly needed during late night study sessions, especially before exams. Tomorrow I finish at 1.20pm, which gives me plenty of time to study (cough cram cough) for Bio. Another de-stresser; reviewing flashcards in the bathtub. You're going to spend time reviewing them anyways, and you're going to take a bath.. so why not combine the two. Saves some time so you can get a few extra minutes of sleep. The more the merrier. Good luck studying for finals, I'm off to review Huntington's hypothesis and contrast liberal democracies and marginal states.

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