December 16, 2008


Not only do I look to friends for music and advice, but also for fashion. My friend M has the perfect holiday party dress. It's totally appropriate for any event because of the above the knee length. It's not too short, not too long. The grey part of the dress is absolutely gorgeous. You can't see it to well in the photo, but it's pleated and looks seashell-like. I also love the white bubble skirt; it's not too puffy and it doesn't look ridiculous, but it's still fun and fresh. I also love how the whole dress has a bit of a shimmer to it. It makes it a little fancier and requires minimal acessorizing (the grey bracelet is perfect). M's has always been fun, but I think this dress suits her perfectly and looks amazing on her as well :)

Miss you M! <3


Anonymous said...

I love it! M has always had a good sense of which clothes and colors look good on her. I also love her choice in fabric in this one. Too often people restrict themselves to wearing frequently occuring ones like cotton and polyester. Interesting!

B said...

yeh she does. i love her style :) sumthin weird happened tho cuz i posted this yesterday and i dont think it showed up til like.. this morning.. :/ weirdd

Anonymous said...

Cute dress, do you know where she bought it?