December 3, 2008

M for Missoni

Wow. Their ads for the Fall/Winter '08 collection are incredible. You would think that putting multitudes of clashing patterns into one ad would be overwhelming, but that is definitely not the case. The tones of all the patterns are the same and so each one complements the others and the colors are beautiful as well (I'm a fan of darker, less flashy clothes). The fabrics used in the clothes are just as amazing. From double cashmere, organza, faille and twill, the cloth drapes the body creating soft outlines and shadows with bold, dark prints.

Above is my favorite photo from the ad campaign. I absolutely love the retro feel without the flashy in your face colors. The shadows created by the window add to the mysterious feel and make this ad that much more interesting to look at.

Ankle booties are big this winter and the refined look of these Missoni shoes can go with most anyone's wardrobe. The pair on the right do it for me. I love the shiny brown patent toe, with the contrasting lighter brown suede, and the ties to lace them up just finish off the look. The collection is wearable as well, another thing that is really apparent to me. The looks are high fashion, but not so much that you would look ridiculous wearing these clothes. Props to Missoni for creating such a beatiful collection of clothes this Fall/Winter '08. <3

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