January 11, 2009

Anne and Lindsay

Being in the U.S. this Christmas was good in more ways than one, but one thing I didn't go a day without was a magazine. Here they run up a bill of about $20 a piece, but in the States, you could get 6 magazines for that price! Taking advantage of my situation I got Vogue (which I now have a subscription to) and Harper's Bazaar. I've never really liked Anne Hathaway, but after reading the article in Vogue I was really surprised. She seems like a strong, driven woman who knows what she wants and I really admire that. Also, Lindsay Lohan seems to be making a comeback which I'm excited for because I've always been a fan of her work. (also her style as I've gotten older) It's nice to see that she's trying to work back to a normal lifestyle and acknowledges that the way she was living wasn't doing her any good. I think she looks fabulous both on the cover and in the spread, and I would wear any of her outfits in a snap. My favorite out of all of them though, has to be this one on the left. I've been searching (still am) for the perfect pair of boyfriend/oversize jeans and haven't had the best of luck. There was a perfect pair of Alexander Wang jeans featured in Teen Vogue a while back, but with a price tag of more than $300 I want to be able to say that there really was no alternative before I shell out that much cash. I love how Lohan's shimmery top dresses up an otherwise more casual outfit and also eliminates the need for flashy accessories. The fitted blazer is gorgeous and I love how it's white with black trim as opposed to the more often seen black/navy with white trim. I also admire Lindsay for her more realistic body image. She went through a period where she was scary skinny, but I think nowadays she's back to normal and absolutely stunning.

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