January 16, 2009


Sorry for not having written in such a long time. I have a list of many excuses starting with my new year's resolution. I decided to only go on the computer during the week if I need to for school. I had some issues prioritizing my time and so I needed to change something and that's what I could reasonably change. Second of all I don't really like blogger because it doesn't allow you to personalize as much as I would like. Third of all, no one really reads this so I would rather discuss everything I write here with E who actually responds. :P And forth, I want to get out and about more this year (Museums, gallery showings, fashion shows, etc.) so blogging isn't going to be a priority. I don't need other bloggers to confirm that I've got something right going on with my wardrobe, so posts will be in decline from now on. Sorry to anyone who actually keeps up with what I write.


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