February 3, 2009

I Suppose if You Must.

I'm not really sure what to say. Definitely not as expected. I appreciate the "family friendly" surf ad, while the beach one I don't understand the concept at all, and finally probably my "favorite" the shopping cart; partially because I've wondered what it's like to ride around in one, because Vivienne Westwood is in her own ad, and because it reminds me of Marc Jacobs' ads with the unedited look. All and all they aren't bad, I just can't decide if I actually like them. Props to Anderson. I never would have guessed, but since she has kids maybe she wants something more reputable under her belt.


kaitlyn said...

i think i really like them. pam is kind of trashy. and the whole layout seems like it should be called "white trash picnic" or something like that. so i think it works. i really dig the ads. love your blog, too!!



Kalin said...

I love and hate those ads. I think Vivienne knows what she's doing putting Pam in her ad. And they totally have that Juergen Teller/ Terry Richardson vibe. Btw, your blog is awesome.


Becky said...

i definitely get the "love/hate" thing :) i have to agree with you on that one.