February 3, 2009


So today I had planned on putting up a picture of what I was wearing, but once again my camera is out of batteries. (It might have helped to charge it the last time I said it was out of batteries..) Instead I found a picture of one of the things I wore. It's a simple black hoodie from the men's section of h&m, meaning it has a very potato-sack, slouchy fit; I love it. It's super comfortable and since it's black it doesn't seem as casual as a grey one would. I wore it over an Urban Outfitters black and white tribal print tank with black skinny jeans and converse. I should have worn my Nine West leather boots, but I hurt my back last week and so the heels have to wait.

I was browsing for a picture of someone without makeup, but either got scary celebrity candids or the "no makeup using a ton of makeup look", but I stumbled across these pictures. Quite a laugh if you ask me. The reason I was looking for someone with no makeup is because it was one of my resolutions for this year to wear less. It's actually been pretty easy; I havn't worn any the past few weeks, plus it motivates me to maintain my perfect skin. (Thank you mom and dad :D) I think makeup is overrated.. if you're wearing so much that when you take it off people are confused and don't recognize you, it's too much.

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