February 19, 2009


So, just now I downloaded the newest version of MSN and with it came something that claims to help you blog; Windows Live Writer. I figured I might as well test it out, and if I don’t like it I can always go back to blogging off of my blogspot account online. What I like so far is that the window I’m typing in is the same width and font as the actual post will be, so I can see exactly how things will look. There are also three tabs at the bottom of the screen that say “edit”, “preview”, and “source” which is pretty handy because in the edit tab you see the size of your post, but not the rest of your blog, in the preview tab you view your post as it would look on your blog, and the source tab is to edit HTML.Snapshot_20090219_23 Okey, so I have just fooled around a bit with uploading pictures. Apologies for the webcam picture, but my camera is in use for my English project. Anyways, the scarf is from mango and its off-white, but definitely not cream and it is incredibly soft. I love it, although I’m a little worried that I’ll get it dirty.

So I all you have to do is insert a picture and you can choose how to align it in the text, AND since you can view it as it will look on your blog it’s really easy to format everything so that it looks nice :)

OOh, and normally, I use Poladroid to make polaroid-y pictures (I like it the most), but this program also has something like it and it turned out alright. It’s just a border though and doesn’t actually change the photo, so I’ll stick with Poladroid.

I’m incredibly tired right now. School has been a killer this week, plus I was sick but still had to show up because if I miss math I’m in trouble. We’ve recently started trig and so we're doing the whole sine, tangent, cosine, secant, cosecant blah blah blah and now we’re doing revolutions and radians and how to convert from radians to degrees. Some days (everyday) I wonder if I will ever survive HL math next year… Hopefully.

In addition to tired, I’m also in pain, because I got my lovely braces tightened. Joy. I can’t wait to get them off and feel my smooth teeth :D Although they have kind of just become part of me and how I look, but I can’t say I’ll miss them. Looking forward to winter break because I get to see my best friend Teresa who moved to Portugal last year. I haven't seen her since summer and it’s been much too long. A week with her will be incredibly nice.

Oh, so all and all I would definitely recommend Windows Live Writer and I’m going to start doing all of my posts from here and then I also won’t have to use photobucket so much. Writer is simple and easy, plus.. well its cool. Next time I’ll have to try out this whole “set publish date” business and see if it actually uploads when I set it to. Sorry the post is soo long, I love writing and I haven’t had many opportunities today ;)

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