March 22, 2009

Zara Saves the Day


So, I believe I have mentioned before that I was on the lookout for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. I have had a picture of Alexander Wang boyfriend jeans hanging on the back of my bedroom door for about a year, reminding me to look for the perfect pair. Well, I was shopping with C yesterday downtown and these jeans at Zara practically jumped into my arms. They are exactly what I was looking for; worn, ripped, faded, and slouchy and they are so incredibly soft its as if I’ve had them for years. I even fell asleep in them last night :P I can’t wait to wear them! Also, sneak peak at my room. I’m kind of redecorating, so all the boxes are to help me organize myself and keep all my junk off of my desk/floor/nightstand. I’m crossing my fingers that the sun comes out soon, because this grey Polish weather is getting really old, really fast.

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