May 17, 2009

1st Place

IMG_0397 Wow, I have been so incredibly busy these past two weeks it is ridiculous! First off all, I got my braces off and it still feels weird smiling. I guess I’m more conscious of when I smile because I actually looked good with the braces :P (weird, I know). Yesterday and Friday there was a softball tournament and we played teams from Budapest, Bucharest, Prague and Moscow. On Friday we beat Budapest and Moscow and lost to Bucharest and Prague, so on Saturday we were seated third. Yesterday we had to play Bucharest to get into the final and we won a really clos game 8 - 7. Then for the championship we played Prague in the pouring rain, for two and a half hours and won 16 – 9. It was a lot of fun and today I’m sore and tired, but it was worth it. Last night I also had a dance performance which went really well! Our shortstop E got a pretty bad cut on her lip and had to get stitches so I missed the first dance because she was my partner. And I also missed another dance (happily.. I didn’t know it well) because I messed up my knee. The picture is of the amazing makeup that M did for the show. I was lucky because I know her so she used her nice makeup on me ;) Thought I would just update with what I’ve been up to :) I’m in for another busy week so don’t expect many updates :P Fashion .. well I haven’t had time to look at shows and I haven’t been shopping in forever. (Although I did manage to snag a few pretty awesome shirts from the guy's section of H&M the other day)

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