June 4, 2009

Just in Time for Summer

IMG_0835 IMG_0836

So, school ends on Wednesday, which is insane and summer will officially start. The weather here has been horrible although I’m hoping that since it is sunny right now, it will continue to stay sunny and get warmer! This week is exam week and yesterday I had Bio and Math. Math went really well, but Bio I’m not so sure about.. Tomorrow is Government, which I haven’t started studying for yet (procrastination by blogging). Anyways, I thought I’d write about three of my must have skincare products. The first picture is of The Body Shop’s Whipped Shea body lotion and body butter. I have ridiculously dry skin and the body butter is amazing to put on before bed! I always wake up with super soft skin. Then the body lotion I put on in the morning because it’s a little lighter, but still lasts throughout the day. I know the body shop is known for the scented body butters, but I like the Shea one because it’s really plain, so I can still where my perfume and not feel like a walking fruit salad. The toner on the right is Dior Matifying Toner, which I absolutely love! A lot of toners have that super drying effect because of the alcohol, but this one does just as it promises and makes your skin very matte without drying it out (and an added bonus it smells amazing). Thought I’d just post a short update, but I have to get back to studying :)

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