December 16, 2008

Standard Deviation and Amino Acids

So today went alright. Gov. was incredibly easy and I finished with an hour to spare (extra time to study for math). Adv. Pre-Calc..that's another story. I need to get a 77% or higher to maintain a B in the class, so my fingers are crossed. Everyone I talked to agreed that it was ridiculously hard and so hopefully there will be a generous curve. I got out at 1.20pm this afternoon, so that was nice although I didn't start studying for Bio until 3.30... I take the IB Bio SL exam tomorrow at 11.20, which gives me some extra time in the morning to review which will be much appreciated. After Bio, it's just English and then break :) I can't wait to go Christmas shopping for friends and family! Wish me luck on exams, and good luck to everyone else taking finals this week.

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