April 15, 2009

Officially Spring!

Sorry for not updating a lot, but the weather has been so incredibly nice recently, I’ve been incredibly busy and I kind of don’t really care.. Nice attitude I know. Anyways, I think I can safely say that it is officially spring. The weather has been sunny and warm and we are having spring break. I’m cleaning out my closet today and I realized that I have a lot of winter clothes (it’s Poland so I do need them) but not very many Spring/Summer clothes. So that is my mission this break; but some nice warm weather clothes. And while cleaning out my closet I found the perfect color palette to try and stick to (hopefully semi-successfully):




This last picture is my favorite :) The flowers are on the shoulders of a silk tunic/blowy shirt. It kind of looks like a pajama shirt, but the flowers make it ‘normal’. Anyways, these very basic pastels are what I’m going to look for, also some black and white though because I always wear those colors.

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