June 6, 2009

Summer 06.06.09



So, as I mentioned before, the weather in Warsaw recently has been horrible. I went out for sushi last night with my friend C, who’s moving back to Montana for the first semester of next year, A who moved to Kansas two years ago and I saw for the first time again, and KR who is moving to California in a few weeks. It was a bit sad, but we had a lot of fun, but on the way home I swear it was literally freezing outside. This morning when I got up though, it was sunny so I went into my yard and took some pictures of all the beautiful flowers we have :)

Plans for the weekend include helping my mom with a going away party for her best friend, shopping for an outfit for the last day of school, cleaning my room, and just relaxing. Speaking of which I have a huge list of books to read over summer vacation so I’ll try to pick some of those up at the bookstore.

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